County Fair

Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Livestock & Poultry

Fair Construction Funds - Used by various fair associations for construction, repairing and improving the facilities and paying existing indebtedness incurred for such purposes. Funding range is $0 - 847,200.

Fair Premium Funds - Used by 82 fair associations for the purpose of paying awards to exhibitors on approved entry classifications. Funding range is $ 0 - $676,430.

Call (501) 225-1598 or visit
Fair Funding Guidance (PDF)


AEDC Rural Services County Fair Building Grant
County Fair Associations located in counties of less than 55,000 in population are eligible for up to $4,000 for general improvement projects. Match ratio is 50/50. Visit for application or contact a DRS County Fair Building Grant coordinator at 1-888-RURALAR.


USDA Rural Development

Our mission is to help develop and sustain rural Arkansas' diversified, rapidly changing society by working in partnership with people and communities, and to assist them in improving their quality of life through financial and technical assistance. We accomplish this by helping with a wide range of projects that include Community Facility, Water and Wastewater, Business and Industry, and Housing. Visit our website at to get an overview of the Programs offered and the associated grants, loans, and loan guarantees available and to locate the contact information of the Rural Development Area Office serving the County in which you are located.