About the AADO website

This website was originally intended to host the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for Arkansas back when the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) encouraged the development of statewide CEDS.  The CEDS is a planning process and document developed by the EDA Economic Development Districts (EDDs).  It affords local governments within each district eligibility for EDA capital improvement funds.   Each district now gets to develop their own regional CEDS, and this website exists to make those CEDS available to the public in addition to other information useful for economic development purposes.

CEDS are vital documents for addressing economic development issues, challenges, and opportunities by creating broad economic development strategies which can be utilized by Arkansas’ communities, and the eight EDA Development Districts (PDDS/EDDs) regions.  It is the objective of the CEDS to enable Arkansans to identify the essential economic development issues, challenges, and opportunities that have arisen in the state, and to create strategies for dealing with them.

This website is brought to you by the Association of Arkansas Development Organizations (AADO), which is the association of the eight EDA Development Districts (PDDS/EDDs) within Arkansas, the Arkansas Economic Development Institute, the Arkansas Association of Counties, and the Arkansas Municipal League.